Fashion Tips for Monsoons

With an aggressive and persistent monsoon this year, most fashion enthusiasts are finding it a bit difficult to adjust with their dressing requirements. Unsurprisingly, creative and fashionable folks have of late started creating trends even for the rainy season too. Some of the hottest tips from the industry experts are being discussed below:

  • First things First – Monsoon is always unpredictable, and hence appropriate measures must be taken accordingly. A slight hint of downpour and light fabrics must be chosen over heavy denims. Chiffons, malmals and georgettes are perfect as they dry fast and does not cause health problems like cold.
  • Short Play – Lengthy pants get drenched easily on the lower parts which adds to the inconvenience of the wearer. Cutting them short can make a fashion statement of being playful. Ladies can flaunt their sexy legs with a pinch of colorful capris.
  • Hairstyle – Monsoons are unforgiving towards hair. Prolonged wetness of hair can potentially lead to dullness, breakage/damage and hair fall. Oiling the hair routinely and tying it at times to give a chic ponytail or fishtail look can be fashionable.
  • Umbrella – An umbrella is an inseparable fragment of monsoon period. Different varieties of umbrellas with logos, slogans, colors, designs, artworks etc. are available. These can actually alter the conventional fashion statements of being hesitant in carrying an umbrella just because it is associated with nerds and non-fashionable folks.
  • Fancy Footwork – Monsoon demands the right footwear. A vibrant flip-flop that matches the dress can give a fancy outlook. Or maybe a casual sneaker with colorful hot pants can work wonders.
  • Accessories – Lot of water resistant accessories are available in the market, including the likes of watches. Accessorize yourself with attractive fashion jewelry from flea market, get a waterproof bag and a wallet along with bright and light raincoats, hats, boots and belts, and go ahead enjoy the rain! There will be no more concerns pertaining to water damage restrictions – fashion will continue to be at play.
  • Make-Up & SkinMonsoon and humidity can ruin the existing beauty of a skin by making it dry, dead and haggard. Some homemade solution involves the use of honey and cucumber packs which are extremely helpful in replenishing the dull skin. A deep cleansing spa can further beautify the skin. Various moisturizers are also available.
  • It is advisable to keep the make-up to minimum. A natural state is preferable, however bright colors aren’t bad either. The make-up kit should strictly comprise of products that are waterproof and oil-free. Also, monsoon is supposedly a good time for colors – experiment with various shades of liners and lipsticks. L’Oreal has some of the best waterproof mascaras.
  • Electronic FashionThis is a modern era and people are defined by the gadgets they carry. They have become an integral part of the overall image; e.g. a chrome phone/watch for the attention-seeking bling factor. Unfortunately, gadgets aren’t as waterproof as the rest of the ornaments or styling kits, and hence it recommended to carry them in colorful and nice waterproof covers. A matching color will definitely complement the entire personality appeal.

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