The Jewelry Culture and Market

Jewelry is an essential part of any culture worldwide, be it fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. It is essentially worn as an ornament for adornment. It plays a significant role in special occasions and events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries etc. Fine jewelry is deemed as wealth due to its exclusive and glamorous nature. It is also a manifestation of being married. On the contrary, costume jewelry may be used as a signage of being part of an ethnic or religious group.

Types & Details

Jewelry is classified under two major categories – Fine jewelry and Fashion (Costume) jewelry. Fine jewelry include the likes of expensive sets made of costly parts like diamond and gold, while costume jewelry is much cheaper and is used for complementing a costume or garment. The designing aspects remains the same for both the types and requires creativity to create uniqueness.

Some of the commonly used constituents in jewelry are gold, silver, bronze, platinum and diamond. Costume/Fashion jewelry is made of inexpensive components like rhinestones. Historically, it has been seen that the market price and demand for gold, platinum and diamond has consistently been rising.This is primarily owing to the fact that many people are always ready to buy them, irrespective of any economic downturn or crisis.Unsurprisingly, the demand continues to grow.

Fashionistas Today

The attachment to jewelry is increasingly growing among the enthusiasts, especially with the plethora of options available in the market. Numerous reasons such as the fashion trends, the glitz and glam association and the social status create a lasting impact on fashion enthusiasts. Every individual attending a high class social gathering wants to garner attention by wearing an elegant look, and hence they use decorative ornaments like jewelry to beautify their appearance. A person is considered to be of high social class if he/she flashes expensive jewelry.Besides, jewelry can enhance the aesthetical appeal of a person to a great extent.

Market Trend

There are plenty of companies in the jewelry market who are trying to outrun each other in the stiff competition. The market has witnessed an evolutionary phase in terms product range and prices. The market place has grown beyond the conventional retailers. It has even shifted to advanced e-commerce websites where interested folks can choose and buy online.

In fact, the population of online buyers are growing at a rapid rate. Urban people nowadays prefer the comfort of their desk/home to go through a wide range of products online, and place an order accordingly. Therefore many companies have created provisions for online shopping alongside their retail/store operations. The growing popularity of online shopping is because of the following factors:

  • Convenience – It is more easy and comfortable to shop sitting at home
  • No Hurrying – One can take their own time in consulting others and take an informed decision.
  • Product Range – Many sites provide a wide range of selection from different brands, designs, and constituents etc.
  • Easy Payment – Online payments are extremely smooth nowadays.

Nonetheless, jewelry is a must-have for any stylish individual. It not only defines their personality, but also increases their charm.


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