The 9 Types of people you find at Garuda Mall

  1. The Shoppers- These are the people who actually come to the mall to shop! They make the journey from the entrance to the billing counter; the ones who actually walk out the stores with bags.
  2. The Depressed Husband- This is the society of the poor husbands who wait endlessly as their wives spend hours picking, trying and deciding on what to purchase. The only time this group of people plays an active role is at the time of payment.
  3. The Couple- You’ll find this absolutely in-love couple walking around the mall hand-in-hand, lost in conversation. You can occasionally spot them at the food court. Watch out for them clicking selfies.
  4. The Family- The mall is a picnic-spot for these families. They shop, they watch movies, they eat, they sit around and make merry. They block the way in the elevators; the aunties struggle with the escalators. But it’s adorable to see some family-bonding time like that.
  5. The College Kids- These are the bunch of college and high school kids who think the mall is THE place where the cool kids hang out. If you see anyone with backpacks, yep, that’s them!
  6. The Stalkers- This is the creepy population that’s here at the mall to do nothing but check out women. Mostly men, they can be aged anywhere between 17-70 and are generally found leaning against the railings.
  7. The Firang- The occasional pardesi who makes his way to the mall but spends most of his time in the kiosks or exhibitions rather than the branded stores. I guess it’s obvious why?
  8. The Annoying Kid- The loud, annoying kid, always running around and cutting your path while you’re walking and quite often throwing tantrums. You’d love to throw him into the scary house.
  9. The Movie-buff- Shopping? Food? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Hit Inox, baby!

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