Great Garuda Shopping Festival

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, It’s that time of the year again! The Garuda Shopping Festival is back in town and this time it is going to be bigger, better and more extravagant than ever before. With massive sales, superb entertainment and loads of surprises, the festival promises a gala time for all ages.

Over the past few years, this annual festival has carved a niche for itself among all Bangaloreans. The festival has hosted fashion shows, singing competitions, classical dance performances, dances from around the world and so much more. There is always something for everybody here. Celebrities from across India have graced its stage with their presence. Raghu Dixit’s performance in the 2010 edition is still etched in our hearts. Watch out for what we have in store for you this year!

For all you shopaholics out there, the festival brings to you the year’s biggest discounts on some of the biggest brands, and offers that you just can’t refuse. And since the festive season is round the corner, there can be no better time to indulge on your family and yourself and not having to worry about your budget. It’s a win-win!

The annual festival at Garuda is a celebration of life. It’s where the old and the new come together; where the past and the present become one and where the classic and the contemporary blend. And the 6th installment of the festival this year will be no different; you can expect the unexpected. So hop on and join us on this incredible ride at the carnival of the year. The Garuda Shopping Festival!


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