A Cup of romance

Birdsong-PhotographyIt was a rainy August afternoon in 2006. He was walking across the road from Garuda Mall, trying to shield himself from the rain with his school bag, when he spotted her. She was standing right in front of the mall holding a rainbow coloured umbrella, in all probability waiting for someone. He could make out from her uniform that she studied in the sister school of his alma mater, the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. They had something in common already.


From that day onwards, he started taking the Magrath Road everyday back from school just to catch a glimpse of her. By then, she had started noticing him too. After a few weeks, he finally walked up to her and asked for a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day in Garuda. After some hesitation, she politely obliged and went along with him. And that, was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.


They met there everyday, for the next few months. They bonded over the crunchy frappe, held hands sipping Darjeeling tea, fought over Kaapi Nirvana and had endless intense discussions over cups of the classic Cappuccino. Their romance brewed like the coffee beans at CCD. They both graduated from school, went on to join St. Joseph’s, got jobs and finally

got married. In this entire journey, the one thing that remained constant were the coffee escapades at Garuda mall.


It is 2014 now and they don’t live in Bangalore anymore. But every time they visit the city they make it a point to grab a beverage at CCD. Today they sit there at the same location as they did 8 years ago, and narrate to their children the story of how they met. As the tagline goes- “A lot can happen over coffee”!



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