Fabulously Desi


Every time you walk into a Fabindia store, the one thing that sticks to your mind is how desi can be so chic. The look and the feel, the ambience, the merchandise and the decor- everything has an earthy Indian touch to it, and that is exactly what sets Fabindia apart from its contemporaries.

What started out as an initiative to promote India’s craft traditions, has today become one of the leading lifestyle brands giving global brands a stiff competition. Fabindia was started fifty years ago to create a bridge between rural craft producers and urban markets. Over the years, they have successfully transitioned from a small scale private company to a franchise that pans across India and boasts of retail stores in some of the most reputed commercial areas of the country. One of these stores is, of course, located in our very own Garuda Mall.

Fabindia offers an array of products ranging from clothing and personal care products to home decor and furniture. Walk in to the store and treat yourself to some hand-crafted Indian ethnic wear. The sarees, kurtas and churidars for men and women alike, the dupattas, and custom made tops and bottoms are the USPs of this store.

The personal care range includes natural soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, perfumes and so much more- all made with minimalistic usage of chemicals and are very gentle on your skin.

Do try their teas, soups, snacks, pickles, spices, herbs, juices and ayurvedic medicines. Phew! Every Fabindia product is Organic certified. Statutory warning: the options might make you go bonkers!

And finally, if you want to give your home a traditional makeover, then Fabindia is the place to head to. Choose from a jaw-dropping range of bed covers, curtains, quilts, table covers and bath linen. Each item is hand-crafted using indigenous techniques and reflects the Indian soil.

So if you want to give yourself and your home that eye-catching Indian touch and want to soak yourself in some traditional aesthetics, then head to the Fabindia outlet at Garuda Mall. After all, yeh dil hain Hindustani!


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