Garden City to Mall City

1795583_935294489830404_2059216662718536153_nBangalore was nicknamed as “Garden City” which was also once called pensioner’s paradise was then called the “Silicon City” or the” IT HUB” with its increasing industrial growth, however with the number of malls expanding in the city Bangalore will soon be called the “Mall City”

Bangalore owns about 25 malls with upcoming 31 new malls. So Bangalore will stand to have atleast 56 malls in another 5 years.

However for most of them in the city, it’s just not the holidays or shopping without a mall visit. M.G.Road and Brigade Road are jostled for a Friday party and weekend shopping blitz, debuting a Flea Market in Desi style and selfies.

Parking lots are crowded whatever the season and reason is. A mix of shopping, eating, movies and entertainment under one roof has turned malls across the city into tourism magnets and coined the phrase “destination malls.”

 “Shopping centers and malls, are now something more than just a place for the sales of goods,”. “This trend has increased industry-wide”.

Every large mall has a movie theatre, play area for children and food court these days.

“Malls are now more creative,” “They’ve taken the traditional retail space and turned it into gym, playhouses, promos and offers, you name it. Its just all under a single roof with special offer!!! Yes that what strikes our mind when we think about shopping.

If you don’t follow this trend then you need to know, it’s the best way to get out of the house and have fun with anyone and everyone in your circle!!!!

So for this awesome experience get set go to the “SHOPPING MALL AT NAMMA GARUDA MALL”

This time don’t miss the shopping festival at Garuda Mall they are all set… ARE YOU??

Happy Shopping, coz anyone who tells you money cant buy happiness then for sure they don’t know where to shop!!!



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