Forever 21 – Grand Opening

slider8The 5th largest speciality retailer in the world, Forever 21 has made a mark as a brand in the U.S.A and now looking at India. Forever 21 originally known as fashion 21, started in 1984 with their exclusive apparel to accessorize you every occasion.

The clothing line offers the best of fabric gathered from the best known resources around the world.Forever 21 has dedicated to make an impact in the fashion industry by not only providing amazing products but also making sure that the price tags reach every one, this makes them one of the most preferred brands across the word.

Ever girl is special, be it teens or in your late 20’s, she deserves the lime light at any occasion. As she makes her entrance, all eyes on her. She’s shaking off the cold, pretending it doesn’t bother her,listing to the same old cliché “Who is that girl”. This is the exact emotion captured by the DARK ROMANCE collection. This is set to capture every mood and emotion, without letting the hint of innocence disappear.

We all have experienced the problem of shifting between work and play. The tedious task of changing from work wear to the after hour look. Now to bridge the gap between work and play, Forever 21  introduces the Love 21 contemporary THE IN-BETWEEN series. This spectacular line of apparel have bridged the void between work and play. The fusion of transitional colours of black, white and grey will have you looking elegant and at the same time a little naughty for the extra hours that follow.

The new store opening in Bangalore has much more to offer which will, in my opinion will add a new flavour to the fashion culture of Bangalore. This has been the most awaited brand by many Bangalorians.

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