Enamor Garuda Mall

Lingerie Trends this Summer @ Garuda Mall Best gift this Valentines Day

Summer marks the dawn of bolder and colorful prints in lingerie. The likes of floral prints, stripes of pink, blue, red and orange are the predominant shades during summer.

Some of the phenomenal changes seen during summers are –

  • Floral embellishments on cups.
  • Big prints on lighter fabric with hues of light color.
  • Dotted prints are preferable favorites.
  • Transparent and thin fabric takes the crown.
  • Tasteful designs with soft fabrics
  • Diaphanous mesh and sparkly laces make up for sensuous designs.
  • Honey colored tones to delicate fabric to enhance the sensuality.
    Enamor Garuda Mall
    Valentines Day Gift @GarudaMall

    The Curvaceous Lady

    Skin tight lingerie with perfectly fitting lines showcases the body contours comfortably. Transparent cups in flesh tones can essentially add to the elegance of the appearance, and highlight the curves in a better way. Furthermore, these fabric can make one feel extremely comfortable under the hot and bright sun.

    Apart from the bright tones, honeyed and muted flesh tones have witnessed a significant demand in the market. The freshness and vibrant summer is effectively defined by the hot pink, sunshine yellow, fresh salmon, tropical turquoise, corals and electric green color. The contemporary trend is also identified by the sophisticated and dramatic hotness of summer lingerie dipped in bright shades of orange – coral, neon shades and tangerine.


    Summer clothing is apparently bold in terms of its fashion statement. Though the comfort matters a lot, a majority of the lingerie designs are unavoidably appealing. Unsurprisingly, one can always wear fashionable summer clothing on top of it. The fabric, print and design still contributes immensely to the summer sensuality.

    So, if you’re bored of your wardrobe’s old collection, it’s time to go shopping for some colorful lingerie that can radically revive the fashionista in you. Choosing the color can be based on the skin tone.

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